Wire your office?



Is your network working?

Want to change a word or 2 on your web page?

What a web page?

Author..Technition..Network Designer...System Manager..Internet connection wizard...Web Hosting and design

Ethernet and wireless systems large and small. We can do it all! Internet passage?
Your Place or Mine All work guaranteed.

Our Mission

--- on site repair ---

I can come to you, you can bring it to me.

Your Place our Mine

Spy ware Removal. See our warning signs page

Computer running slow?  Come to me before it's too late

Virus removal  at your place or mine.....

IT management! Contract with us to make sure the backup you did last night actually did a backup. 


what we can do to make your life Simpler

Make sure the systems are up to date with the latest security updates.

Make sure the systems in your office are running right and no one is getting your information without you knowing it. 

For a low fee per week I will also take calls from your employees to fix common problems like>>>> 

: I can't print....what now.....

: my email is down.....what can I do?


Simple fixes that keep your office running without somebody taking time  to fix it away from what they were hired to do.....